Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

In honor of Earth Day, here's 10 easy things you can do to help make the world a little greener. Brought to you by the EMA Young Hollywood Board.

1. Unplug electronics that you don’t use everyday – and even some you do, like hair dryers. Even though they aren’t in use, electronics still use up energy if they’re plugged in.

2. All those reusable bags you’ve been collecting – spread them out! Keep some in your car. Give a few to your neighbors. Have some at work.

3. Make a pledge to cut down on (or quit altogether) buying bottles of water. Get a reusable bottle! Being seen with one is all the rage.

4. Teach a kid about reusing, reducing, and recycling. Lessons today will turn to action tomorrow! Lead by example and get kids in the habit of distinguishing what goes inside the regular trash bin versus what goes in the recycle bin.

5. Turn off the lights! So easy to do — try and make it a regular habit when you leave a room.

6. Be more conscious of your water usage. Do you turn off the water when brushing your teeth? Do you wash laundry or run the dishwasher only when you have a full load? Have you fixed that leaky faucet? Those little drops of water can add up to buckets a day!

7. If you have to use your car today, try and do everything at once, starting with your furthest destination, then making your way back home with stops along the way rather than coming and going several times.

8. Change the light bulbs in your house to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs). You’ll not only save energy, but a little bit of money on your electric bill, too.

9. Eat vegetarian for the day with produce purchased from local organic farms – or better yet, grown in your own backyard.

10. Plant a tree. Plant a garden. If you don’t have yard space to do either, then donate to the EMA Gardens Program so that they can continue to plant gardens in schools throughout Los Angeles and eventually, beyond!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Remember, planet Earth is the only thing we all share in common. Let's protect it and keep it beautiful.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Proud. Honored. Blessed.

Boston Marathon Bombing - April 17, 2013

I am so completely honored and proud of the way our country came together of the course of the last few days. I'm in awe of the support and encouragement I saw towards all of the first responders that were involved as well as the families that lost loved ones. I'm shocked of how quickly our nation lifted up those families prayer all over this great land. I'm incredibly impressed of how my Theta Chi boys at UAB took the initiative to do something and ended up raising over $600 in donations to send to Boston. I'm more importantly, and most definitely, in tears when I see five minutes after the last suspect was captured alive and in custody that the entire city of Boston rejoiced together.

What's sad is that this country only comes together in a time of need. God wants us to be a loving people all the time, not just when things are bad. It seems like it takes something so awful like the Boston Bombing to happen for us to wake up; however, I'm proud of us. I'm proud of the Boston first responders for their insane amount of courage and selflessness. I'm proud of how quickly they got the job done and found these men. I'm honored to say that it's good to be an American. Tonight, this nation will sleep a little more peaceful and tomorrow will be a little less painful.

My thoughts and prayers are still with the entire city of Boston and to everyone who was involved. May God grant peace to those who lost loved ones and bless the ones who are still in critical condition.

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need and thank Him for all that He has done.
Then you will experience God's peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.
His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Threads 4 Thought

The other day my mother and I got some much needed retail therapy. She hardly ever gets to buy herself nice things because she's always giving, giving, giving to everyone else. It felt good to see her smile. In the process, I found a simple little purple tee with some sequin beads on it. It was super cute and only $12.99 so I snatched it up. Later, I looked at the tag and saw that it was made by a sustainable clothing company that I'd never heard of before. I looked them up and found that they are a company who only makes clothes out of recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton. The company is called Threads 4 Thought and they are committed to creating clothes that are not only better for the environment but better for the wearer too all in the name of  GREEN.

A little background story from their page:

"What began as a small business manufacturing and marketing graphic tee shirts that were made exclusively from organic cotton, gave back to charity, and promoted a cleaner environment, or advocated for peace, has grown into a complete lifestyle brand. We have never deviated from our primary mission… to promote a sense of responsibility for those who share this world with us… but rather than simply broadcasting that message on the front of tee shirts, the company has incorporated those principles into our very existence." - Eric and Leigh Fleet

They have an amazing website so I encourage men and women to go check them out. I'm all about comfort and that's just what T4T is all about. The prices are fantastic and the sale section is even better. I'm not sure exactly who sells their product; I got mine from TJMaxx. Needless to say, mine is just one of many adorable tees they make.

What a great company with excellent values who's dedicated to giving back to the world. I love it! I'm looking forward to using my 10% discount on my next purchase for signing up for their newsletter. I'm loving this Back Stage Thermal long sleeve shirt. It looks super comfy and is definitely screaming my name.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Food For Thought: Soar

I was cleaning out my computer, getting rid of old documents and pictures, and I came across a really cool devotional that I had written for a First Priority session over four years ago. I remembered it as soon as I started reading it. I recalled a quote that was given to me by a mentor that I admired.
"If you want to fly, you must give up what weighs you down."
I loved (and still love) this. It's so powerful and can be applied through all areas of life.

So what's weighing you down? Who's keeping your feet on the ground?

Find it, demolish it, and soar.

Siblings Day

Today is National Siblings Day. I have two wonderful sisters, as I talk about all the time. Today, and everyday, I want them to know how much they are appreciated. There's no way life would be the same without my two handsome nephews and my two beautiful nieces. They are the world my world revolves around. I don't know what I would do without my sisters. They help guide me through life, they give me encouragement and advice when I don't know which way to go, and they've made growing up a whole lot more bearable, especially through the teenage years.
I found a quote that I feel really sums up what I want to share with my sisters.

If you have siblings, make sure you take the time and tell them how much you love them. We aren't guaranteed tomorrow or even the next second. If you're blessed enough to have siblings that live close to you, try to drop by and give them a hug. If it's not practicable to see them definitely give them a call. Siblings are a blessing in disguise. I love having older sisters. Whatever I'm going through as a growing young adult woman, they've already been through and know all if not most of the answers!

I love you Stefanie and Kim! Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bold Front Doors

I've always said the easiest and cheapest way to change the look of something is paint. Your front door is a great place to add a bold pop of color. Colored doors are great ways to add to your curb appeal and give onlookers a sneak peek of what's to come. It's like saying, "Wait 'till you see the rest of my house!" It brings a warm welcome to your visitors and invites them right on in.

What a great way to make your house stand out on the block!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Perfectly Organized Fridge

How is everyone's spring cleaning going?? I have to say I feel way better when I come home to a clean apartment, well somewhat clean. I adopted a puppy this past week and she likes to shred anything she can get her mouth on. Totally open to suggestions on that issue. But anyway, being organized is something that comes with practice. It's easy to get organized but it's hard to stay that way. I was looking around at spaces in my own apartment and one space that I know everyone has a mess in is their refrigerator. This post comes from one of my favorite authors and style icons, Lauren Conrad, at I loved it so much that I just decided to copy it straight over here.

Lauren Conrad
First posted: March 28, 2013
Operation Organize: The Perfectly Organized Fridge

First things first: Clean it out!The first step when organizing anything is to clean it all out. Remove everything from your fridge and throw away expired food and unused condiments as you go. This organizing process should move quickly, so your food won’t be in room temperature for too long.

1. Leftovers: Love ‘em or leave ‘em.The average lifespan of leftovers should be 4 days max, according to Squawkfox. Store them in clear glass containers so you are aware of what meals you can make and how long you have to eat them. See-through containers will allow you to plan ahead and take visual inventory of what you have.

2. Check your temp.The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is 40°F (5°C) or below. If you go any warmer, you run the risk of growing harmful food bacteria. Any colder, and some of your food may begin to freeze.

3. Milk master.I have always been told never to place cartons of milk in the fridge door where temperatures are subject to fluctuation. Instead, milk does best in a stable temp zone, like on the middle or top shelf and all the way in the back where it’s coldest.

4. Breathing room.An over-packed fridge is overwhelming, and it can cause your food to spoil faster too. Cool air needs to circulate to keep food cool and prevent it from spoiling prematurely. If you find yourself with a fridge that’s constantly full, try making two smaller grocery runs during the week instead of one huge one. This will also help you avoid buying too much food that goes bad before you are able to eat it.

5. Designate your drawers.Your produce crispers and deli drawers should be on the correct setting to keep everything as fresh as possible. According to an article from Shine, deli meats do best in the shallow meat drawer, which is slightly colder than the rest of the fridge. Fruit should be stored in its original packaging or a plastic bag in the crisper drawer. Vegetables belong in the drawer with the highest humidity, or the moistest spot in the fridge.
Tip: Never put fruits and vegetables with meats in the same drawer. It can lead to contamination and cause the food to spoil.
6. Egg-xactly in the middle.Eggs, like milk, do best in a consistent temperature zone, so store your dozen on the middle shelf. Keep eggs fresh by leaving them in their original container.

7. Drip defense.Placing your raw packaged meats on a top shelf can lead to a contamination disaster if the juices drip. Wrap raw meats thoroughly and securely, then store them on the bottom shelf.

8. Whole foods.Meat, fruit, and veggies expire quickly when they have been chopped, sliced and diced. Keep your foods whole until you’re ready to consume them. (And be sure to read these tips for making your groceries last even longer!)

9. Move on up.Most people assess what food they have and what food they need before going on a grocery run. Maximize this helpful strategy by moving older foods hidden in the back of the fridge to the front. This will allow you see what you need to eat up and what you need to buy at the market.

10. Clean machine.Wipe up spills right when they happen to keep your fridge tidy and clean. Putting this off will only leave you with a sticky mess on your shelves and drawers.

I hope these tips help you as I know they have helped me. My fridge is now easyly accessible and nothing gets thrown in the back and lost. The tip about the milk blew my mind. I had always kept my milk in the door and I've noticed since I placed it on the shelf it taste more fresh and last a little bit longer.

Keep up the good work!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Green Cleaners

It's that time again - Operation: Spring Cleaning. Also, it's a time where allergies are at their worst. I've started my spring cleaning adventure, and already I have a stuffy nose that makes me sound like a man. My ears are constantly clogged, and my eyes are shedding tears of pollen, dust, and chemicals.
VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are strong vapors that emit from everyday products that causes headaches and fatigue. For example, a familiar VOC is the smell from paint. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. Too many of these little guys can really harm your immune system. During spring, there are lots of products that emit a strong VOC that can actually make you sick. You can't stop the pollen from creeping in on everything but you can help what you clean your house with.
As you begin your spring cleaning journey, take a look at the products you're using. Are Clorox, Lysol, and Pine Sol in your bucket? If so, then you're likely going to have a hard time cleaning. Instead of these nasty products, there are a few of really good "green" cleaning products that are no more expensive than the name brand and work just as good, if better. Some of those brands are Method, Seventh Generation, and Biokleen (click on their website to view coupons and promos).
I personally love Method from Target. It works great and doesn't leave a nasty odor in the air, plus it's super cheap!

One of my favorite websites for all things green. Hop on over to The Daily Green to learn how to make your own green cleaning products. These recipes are super easy and they make cleaning a whole lot more pleasurable. You can save a bunch of money while helping the environment all in the name of cleaning! I encourage you to try out one of the green cleaning recipes and just see the results for yourself.
Happy Spring Cleaning!