My Home Tour

Hello everyone! As a designer in training, I like to decorate my home often. Right now, I'm living in a very small one-bedroom apartment. It's cozy and it is perfect for me right now, but I am really looking forward to a much bigger place in the future.

So this is my humble abode. To set the tone, imagine the wonderful smell of a black cherry candle. Got it? Now come on in...

This is right inside the front door - you will get greeted with a very happy-to-see-you puppy. You see here my crates are being put to use.
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This is an old changing table which basically houses junk. I'm debating on refinishing it because I see so much potential! Here, you see a picture of my deceased grandmother. I've given my apartment a beachy theme in remembrance of her home in Panama City Beach, Florida.

This is my brand new table in place of those nasty book cases. The bar stools are a nice addition and allow me to eat in peace. Outside, is a small balcony with lots of dead plants. I do not have a green thumb.
These seashells are from the Panama City Beach shores!

My other-grandmother's old couch is in desperate need of a makeover. Slipcover coming soon! Oh, and my new ottoman in place of the coffee table is perfect for extra seating and storage.

This is my teeny-tiny galley kitchen. There's not much you can do here. I attempted to brighten up with lots of color. I have the typical refrigerator that's covered in my niece's drawings and brag pictures of friends and family. Also, a signed picture of Miss. Alabama 2012!

Obviously I can't do anything about this ancient stove that Betty White probably baked on but it works.

And this my bedroom - my favorite place to be. This is pretty much my office too. I'm in the process of finding a night stand that is bigger than my garden stool. My acrylic chair in the left corner is probably one of my favorite pieces in my apartment.

On the wall, is a picture my sister painted for me. I designed it myself and she put the talent to it. It captures all of the colors of my room and has the word "infinite" written below it.

I love, love, love my bedspread. The colors are perfect and it isn't too teenagery. I love the added ruffle pillows. PS: the underside of this bedspread has blue ink from a ink pen all over it. That would be the doing of Mila Grace. Thank goodness it's not on the top!

This piece is actually a buffet for a dining room. I use it for unmentionables and I love it because the drawers are so deep. It holds a lot. It came with the destressed around the corners and I added the bird and clear knobs. This was a Craigslist purchase, one of many in my apartment.

This small milkglass dish was given to me by my aunt. At first, I didn't know what to do with it and now it's my after-a-long-day-throw-my-jewelry-off dish. It's perfect and it complements the antique-country feel that I love so much.

This bookcase was part of my black and white theme that I had going on at my last apartment. I love it because the shape of it is unique but the color is off. It needs a makeover. Possibly a DIY-Wednesday edition. The yellow dish and horseshoe both came out of my Papa's old barn. They are priceless!

This is the brother of the other bookcase that I sold. It houses a lot of books and stuff animals I have collected from my travels. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it or just make-it-over. Maybe another DIY-Wednesday activity. We'll see.

This is the bathroom that is so small I can barely get ready in it. It's very colorful or otherwise I would hate it.

Whoever designed this vanity should be shot. It holds nothing and by the time I have a hair dryer and curling iron out, it's way too crowed. On the must-have list for the next place: a bigger vanity.

So there you have it, the famous house of Natalie Osborn. It's small but it's quaint. I can't wait to have a place where I can paint the walls and tear out old cabinetry. Things would be a lot different if I could.

I hope you enjoyed my home tour, come back soon!

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