Design Styles: QUIZ

Have you ever wondered what your design style would be? Traditional, modern, country cottage?Now you can find out with a simple little quiz. For a while I couldn't explain to people what I loved. I knew in my head what I thought looked good but I couldn't give a name. My results were spot on to what I like. Now when people ask me, I know exactly what to tell them.

My results:
Contemporary Eclectic Design Style

Your style has the overall clean lined, sophisticated feel of a contemporary setting, but you aren't afraid to bring in elements from other styles. This is no mish mashed look with randomly selected pieces. Rather, items have been thoughtfully chosen and have unifying elements such as scale, color, texture, or finish.

Your choices in other stylistic pieces are deliberate and the look is anchored with a unifying element based on color, scale, texture, or finish.

Ahhh...beautifully said.

When I did a little Googling on what this style entailed, my results were fantastic. I found this website where the author, Emma McLaughlan, explained everything I love just perfectly.

Find you your design style by taking THIS QUIZ. There you will get a brief summary of your style where you can then go and do some research on it. Find pictures you love, print them out and create an "Idea Box." When you're ready to redecorate, you'll know exactly what you want your space to look and feel like!
Happy designing!

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