Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday: The Techy Side of Me!

I am an iPhone nerd and there are about 10 apps that I just can't live without. I thought I share them with you today so you can become just as addicted as I am! All of these apps are free by the way. I have had an iPhone for about 4 years and have NEVER had to buy an app.

1. Pinterest - need I say more?

2. Facebook - I don't what I'd do without my Facebook app. Is that sad?

3. Instagram - I have quit using my my orginal camera and I only use my Instagram. You can edit, crop, flip any picture that you take. You can then upload it to Facebook or Twitter for others to see. Definitely a must have.

4. Shazam - Here a song while shopping and you want to know what it is? Shazam it! Within 10 seconds, you have the name of the song and who sings it. You can save your tags and download them later. I use this one way too much.

5. Regions Mobile Banking - Whatever bank you use, there's an app for it. Definitely comes in handy right before I make a purchase. Confidential and always on hand.

6. Pandora - You know how you have that really cool friend who's always hip to the newest bands, knows everything about music, and can always recommend the PERFECT song or artist that you'll just love? This is that friend. On your phone.

7. Twitter - Who doesn't like to keep up with the Kardashians?

8. Urbanspoon - I LOVE to use this especially when I'm in a new town and I want some good local food. You just shake it and it gives you food options close to you in your price range! Yummy!

9. HeyTell - This is a good one for when you're in the car and you can't text. You simply press and talk and it automatically sends it. When the person responds, it beeps and then relays the message. Great for people who do not have FaceTime, too.

10. Newsstand - This one really is just a folder that comes with the phone but it organizes your magazines for you. I have so many magazine subscriptions so it's nice to be able to read them on the go!

That's my top 10. What's yours?? I love getting new apps so share your favorites!!

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