Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Little Things Make Life Simpler

If you find a way to make life easier you should share it! We’re all looking for ways to down size without getting rid of anything. Because nobody like to throw stuff away! ;)

Today has been one of the few and far between off days I’ve had in a long time. I chose to spend it organizing my closet and boy, am I satisfied. First I’d like to admit I have way too many clothes. Most of them I hardly ever wear and yet I don’t get rid of them. I’m not a huge fan of Goodwill only because I feel it isn’t fair that they only give 10% of proceeds to actually helping people so I opt for either taking them to Plato’s closet or finding friends who might want to look through them. After all of that, I’ll give them way. I at least try to make a little extra cash first.

I have a very awkward closet. It’s sort of in the shape of an “L.” The corner of the “L” gets lost and I can’t reach any of the clothing that’s been pushed back there so I decided to use that space to hang jackets and dressy blazers that I need sometimes but not all the time. I then proceeded to color coordinate my entire closet, which was a waste of time, but I am a little obsessive compulsive.

On the short side of the “L” are my jeans and pants which weigh so much that the bar is bowing. I knew I had to find a way to fix that, either by adding a new bar under it to relieve some of the weight, or find a new way to hang them.

I have a lot of folding clothes also and my dresser drawers were being stuffed to the max so I knew that I needed to make a trip to Wally World to find some bins. There, I bought one of the three drawer plastic storage containers and some hangers. The point of this entire blog was to rave about these 6 tier metal hangers I bought. They have clips on either side and I figured I could quite possibly hang my jeans on them. And this was the result.


I am amazed at the space these hangers brought. 12 jeans fit perfectly on 2 hangers; its mind boggling. I have more than 12 pairs of pants so I must grab a few more packs of these hangers because they are my new found love. They’d be great for skirts, sleeveless shirts, and those shirts you love so much but they fall off the hanger as soon as you put them on it. They are metal so they’re extra sturdy and the rubber clips help hold up the jeans. BEST INVENTION EVER. (They’ve probably been around a long time and I just didn’t know it.) So go on out and get you some. You won’t regret it.

I grabbed some other little weird hangers with felt on them and used them to hang belts and scarves. Another, great idea.
Not sure why it wouldn't flip.
I organized my tank tops, exercise clothes, pjs, and shorts in to the plastic storage containers and needless to say I am so excited about my newly CONTROLLED closet. I don’t know how long it will stay being clean but at least I have places to put things!

How’s your closet looking?

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  1. Okay, so now that you have all of this extra space in the closet, does that mean you need to go out and buy a lot more clothes? :) But, I see that you still have the issue of the sagging rod.
    Unfortunately, these amazing little inventions wouldn't work for my current closet. I have a deep, narrow closet with two rods (just a little bit too close to one another for many things. I had to add several of those Command hanger thingies to the walls for my dresses and longer jackets. Next place I move, better have a better closet arrangemnt.