Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color Psychology: Blue

I must say I am looking forward to sharing with you the psychology of my favorite color: BLUE! Blue is one of those colors that has so many beautiful shades. There's so many different ways you can go with a shade of blue that it's hard to say exactly what each shade means so I will share a few facts about blue in general.

Blue is a color that is associated to calm or soothe the mind. It is often described as peaceful or tranquil, however it does tend to send a sad or aloof feel. Research studies prove that worker productivity is higher in blue rooms so offices and school tend to paint an accent wall a shade of blue. Blue tends to be the least appetizing color. Weight loss instructors have even suggested eating your meals on blue plates so you will be least likely to finish it. Also, we are geared to stay away from berries in nature because they can be poisonous. Blue can lower your heart rate and body temperature. Blue is often a preferred choice in men. It can be masculine and confident.

How does blue make you feel?

I have found a lot of blue in interior design. Look at the pictures below and consider how blue can make you feel in a space.

Here are some rules to follow:

BLUE is serene.
BLUE is confident.
BLUE is productive.
BLUE is restful.
Now, here are some rules to break:

BLUE is masculine...

BLUE isn't appetizing...

BLUE is depressing...

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