Monday, May 21, 2012

20 Things To Do When I'm 20!

Is it me or does the weekend go by way too fast? If you're like me, I work all weekend so I hardly have any time for fun. Butttttt it's getting close to Birthday Time and that is very exciting. Tomorrow is my boo's birthday and I have a nice little surprise in store for him. I can't wait! My birthday is the following week and then that weekend we are going on a get-away trip to Atlanta, Georgia. I have no clue what all we're going to do, but it'll be fun! This year we are both turning 20, so it's like a tease of a birthday. What do you even do when you're 20?? I put together a list of 20 things I want to do this year. Let's see how many of them I can cross off before I'm 21!

  1. Start a photo diary.
  2. Spend the weekend at the grandparents.
  3. Go to the beach with my boyfriend.
  4. Have a huge party.
  5. Go to NeoCon East.
  6. Go camping.
  7. Have a Disney Marathon.
  8. Read 10 books.
  9. Learn to kick box.
  10. Vote.
  11. Complete 3 volunteer activities.
  12. Aquire a new skill.
  13. Overcome a fear.
  14. Have a successful garden.
  15. Make more handmade gifts.
  16. Trace my family's history.
  17. Spend the night at an aquarium.
  18. Meet a famous designer.
  19. Have a Pinterest party.
  20. Survive my first apartment experience.

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