Saturday, August 18, 2012

Time For A Change

My room is currently black and white with a splash of teal. I've loved this combination for about two years now, but the time has come for a new project - a REAL project. I am slowly but surely going to redo my room. One piece at a time. I can't wait to go thrifting and find some junk that I can recreate into priceless treasures.

My sense of style is a little different. I like taking traditional furniture such as Wing chair and slapping an bright, fun pattern on it. I guess you could call this more of an eclectic style. I also like texture such as burlap and linens. I love the simplicity of candles and mason jars used as a make-up brush holder. I'd much rather have an old, antique chest of drawers than a brand new one from Ethan Allen. But that's just me. New things can be nice as well.

I have thrown together quite a concept board with a bunch of random things to just gather my thoughts into the right direction. There's so many places I could go with this.

I love the bohemian side of things but not going too hipsterish. I like having pieces like a rustic dresser with crystal knobs and apothecary jars with my pearl collection in it. I'm planning on making ALL of my accessories: curtains, pillows, lamps and on top of that re-purposing a dresser and a mirror. I'm going to be a busy lady for the next couple of months but I can't wait! I love doing this kind of stuff and the fun thing about this project is that I get to LIVE in it!

Send your donations to my front door - this girl is gonna need some extra cash!

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