Wednesday, August 29, 2012


As you all know, I'm redesigning my current, teeny tiny bedroom. This project has become tedious but I'm looking forward to the finished result. My bedding is still out of stock online and that is beginning to make me worry. I've fallen in love with this bedspread and nothing I've found, so far, has compared. I'm chosen a calm, neutral color scheme with ice blue, light browns and creams, and a splash of tangerine and fuchsia. I think this palette is less teenagery and more mature for me.

My bed is placed on the back wall, so you see that wall first. Currently, I have two angel paintings my sister created hung there but for my new design I want a bigger, better piece above my bed. That led me to title this post "Headbored?" My room is boring, simple as that. I need a big "WOW" factor and I know that can only be accomplished through an awesome headboard.

I've found some interesting and creative solutions to headboarding and I wanted to share them with you today. I think all of these headboards are so simple and so inexpensive (which are my favorite two words) that they make each of these beds look fantastic.

Old wooden doors
Laminate samples

Painted mural

Scarf rack
Chalkboard paint over an existing headboard


Suspended seat cushion with shelf

Wood pallets or planks

Salvaged drawers uses as bookcases

Some really awesome ideas, eh? My favorite would have to be the laminate samples one. Being a designer, I have SO MANY SAMPLES that I have nothing to do with. I just got a little inspiration to do something fun with them.

Is your headboard a little boring? Spice it up with one of these ideas or if you have an idea of your own! Express your creativity! Who would have thought using drawers could looks so pretty?

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