Sunday, November 11, 2012

22 Thankful Days - #11

I am thankful for freedom.
Today is the day to honor the veterans and soilders deceased or living all over this beautiful country that have made the ulimate sacrifice to give up their lives for the lives of this nation. Every day, soilders are fighting all over the world so we don't have to. It's a selfless act and they deserve our upmost respect. We have rights and freedom to do as we please and that is protected and fought for every day. So if you are serving currently or have served in the past we thank you for your dedication and determination to make sure the people of America are safe. It's a beautiful thing, Veteran's Day in November. As we sit around a delicious turkey in a couple of weeks sharing what we are thankful for, don't forget about the ones who are sitting in some sand hut wishing they were home with their families. We honor you and serve you today. America the beautiful: land of the free, home of the brave.

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