Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Create A Sexy Bedroom

Think about the room in your home that is the room you feel the most comfortable and the most relaxed in. Did you think of your bedroom? Your bedroom should be your safe haven, a.k.a. the room that you love the most. If it isn't, then it may need some updates. Below are some great tips to help create a room that you'll never want to leave!

Be Dramatic:
Don't be afraid to add a little drama with a deep wall color like rich chocolate. You'll feel enveloped at night, which will ease you into your zzz's a lot faster. Keep the room from feeling too heavy by balancing it with a white headboard. You can pick up the wall color again with plush throw pillows.

Cozy Up The Walls and Floors:
If you're craving a serene scene, try soft gray, taupe, or baby blue bedding. Add coordinating drapes around the windows -- a floor-to-ceiling style makes ceilings seem taller. Finally, buy a cozy rug for the floor -- think shag or sheepskin. That way, when you step out of bed, it will feel super-soft.

Add Luxe Linens:
Buy a set of soft sheets that make you want to climb into them at night. Most sheets top off at softness when you reach a 500 thread count, so don't bother paying extra for anything above that. Cover the bed with a fluffy down duvet, a heavy wool blanket, or a soft cotton quilt. Then, toss a gorgeous throw onto the foot of the bed.

Soften The Lighting:
To make your bedroom calm, a dimmer is a lighting must-have. Use it for everything from overhead ceiling lights to pendant and bedside table lamps. For an eclectic bedroom look, mix and match by going with different bases with matching shades.

Snag Hotel-Suite Style:
If you have room, add a chair to a corner of your bedroom, which will make your room seem larger. (And hey, you need someplace other than the floor to toss your outfit outtakes!) Or consider an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. Be sure to buy a headboard to give your bedroom a hotel-chic look that a bed frame can't do on its own.

Add Eye-Catching Accents:
When you wake up, why not see beautiful things? It could be a painting on your wall or an antique quilt that's draped over a chair. Put your favorite items on display on bedroom shelves, along with art books, glassware, and anything with a burst of color -- like a bright gift box or jewelry tree.

I live by myself in a little bitty apartment so I can't do much as far as decorating goes. I can't paint and the carpet was already existing so it was difficult to find something that I liked that went well with my light beige walls. BUT, I did. I love my bedroom, when I can keep it clean! I'd like to think it's pretty romantic, for me I guess. I finally chose colors to work with and the rest just fell into place. I love my bedding* and I am obsessed with my curtains! I have a lot of different textures such as wood, linen, burlap, and oil rubbed bronze. My dresser is an antique buffet that I miraculously found on Craigslist. I love re-doing old furniture and bringing it back to life. I have some really neat items that I found in my Grandfather's barn that I have sitting on my bookcase. I like collecting interesting picture frames so I have plenty of those. My mirror is my favorite piece, an unfinished wood with a metal motif on either side.

I wish I had more pictures. I'm definitely going to have to take some more professional ones.

However you define "sexy" is how you should decorate your bedroom. Play with dramatic colors like chocolates and blacks and see how it makes you feel. If your bedroom makes you feel good, you'll sleep good. This last photo, with the black ceiling, is remarkable. I wouldn't be brave enough to paint my room pitch black but it looks phenomenal with the chosen decor to match, especially with the high-gloss white trim. This, indeed, is a super sexy bedroom!

*Bedding is from Target Online.

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