Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Month Later..

Well, hello all! It has been quite some time since I've even logged on to my blogging account. I miss writing, or rather I miss the time I used to have to write. I have been super busy since last quarter ended that I have forgotten all about this blog. But, no more. I hope to write at least once a week if not twice.

Just in case you were wondering, I haven't been hiding under a rock; I have been doing things. At the beginning of April I adopted a mixed puppy who has become the joy in every day. Her name is Mila and no one knows just what kind of dog she actually is. I've gotten Pomeranian, Beagle, Chow, etc. You can be the judge of that.
She's pretty cute. For more pictures, follow me on Instagram @neosborn. Basically, all I post is picture of this dog. A little about her: she loves to run and play outside, even when it's raining. She's just about mastered a few tricks like "lie down," "roll over," and "shake." She likes to chew up anything that will fit in her mouth. From iPhone chargers to flip flops, you name it! She's a mean kisser and will attack you at any moment and give a bunch of kisses. She's a fearless, fun-loving little girl, and I couldn't picture life without her.

I also started an internship with Ai Corporate Interiors in downtown Birmingham. They are a commercial furniture dealer with over 50 furniture vendors such as Teknion, HON, and Dar|Ran. They also have quite a hand full of fabric vendors such as Momentum and Design Tex. I get the pleasure of working with a fun group of girls and a few pretty awesome guys just three days a week. A day at the office is never short of drama. Every day, I work with either Project Management, the Design Team, or Sales Administration getting the complete ins and outs of a commercial setting. I'm learning a lot and I hope that God takes me somewhere through this opportunity.

Classes this quarter are going well. I'm taking Economics, Art History, Sociology, and Revit Architecture. With four classes to account for, plus an internship, and then work on top of that, life is pretty hectic! Oh, plus I'm studying for the LEED Green Associate exam. Shew! That's no excuse; however, I should be able to spare some time to do some things that I enjoy. Besides, life shouldn't be so stressful!

My 21st birthday is coming up which means that they will be lots of posts about birthday shenanigans like decorations, food, and party favors. I'm super excited about that! May 30 couldn't get here fast enough!

See you soon!

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