Thursday, November 15, 2012

22 Thankful Days - #15

I am thankful for the little things.
There's a whole website devoted to the best things in life. The little things are life's blessings, the ones most people don't think about. The things that make you smile every time and just the thought of them make your day a little bit better. I have put together a list of some of the little things I'm thankful for. You should do the same; it's very rewarding.
  • when you turn the spell checker on and nothing is misspelled
  • a smiley face on a receipt
  • the courtesy wave from a nice driver
  • when my puppy jumps up and kisses me for no reason
  • a bear hug that lasts a long time
  • a kiss from my papa
  • random gifts from my mother
  • that last minute or so until you fall asleep
  • figuring out how to do something on your own (woman power!)
  • watching Disney movies
  • figuring out what the outcome of a movie will be, and getting it right
  • the five-second head scratch my boyfriend gives me
  • finding money left in your apron
  • gift certificates from Vera Bradley in the mail
  • a smell that makes you remember someone you love
  • text messages that make you LOL
  • a new recipe that comes out perfectly
  • home remedies
  • sand between your toes
  • getting to the last chapter of a book
  • that moment that you find you're falling in love
  • when your favorite character DOESN'T die
  • when you wake up only to realize you still have an hour of sleep
  • the feeling after you complete a long run
  • getting good feedback from a teacher
  • a peach popsicle
  • the smell my boyfriend leaves on my pillow
  • getting an unexpected tip
  • watching people secretly pay for military people
  • their reactions when they find out
  • the moment of feeling infinite
  • when a new baby smiles at you
  • the feeling of when a plane takes off
  • butterflies in your tummy
  • the feeling of after a speech/presentation is over
  • taking your heels off after a long day and walking on carpet
  • when a movie follows the book
  • when God sends you a sign
I literally could go on and on but this is a jist of just the blessings life gives us. I challenge you to create your own; you'll be surprised that you just can't stop.

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