Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Law Firm

Many of you know, I conquered Commercial Design I this quarter and it has been nothing but a roller coaster. I thought this quarter would be laid back, relaxed since all I had was three lecture classes. But I was wrong. Building Codes like to have killed me and Universal Design was another class that involved too much of my attention. Commercial was only a two hour class which meant no lab time aka no time to work on our projects in class. Finding time at home, where there is food and TV and Internet and everything else to distract my attention, was almost impossible. AutoCAD on your laptop isn't easy and I don't like using all of my ink and paper to print out all of my documents. So, I decided to move into room 110 at Virginia College. I worked my butt off of this project and I am quite proud of my accomplishment.

There were technically three small (for lack of a better word) projects. They weren't all that small, but as everything is wrapping up I concluded they were easier to take on separately than all together as one larger project. Project 1 was the worst. It consisted of picking out all furniture, finishes, and fabrics. Also, drawing these objects on the floor plan, printing specification sheets of each piece, calculating a budget plan, and creating a new logo. Oh, and organizing all of this into a notebook.

Custom Logo
Furniture Plan with schedule

The trusty notebook

I'm very organized... aka OCD.

The second project consisted of creating a reflected ceiling plan, creating an electrical plan, picking out light fixtures and creating an lighting plan, picking out signage and creating a signage plan, and designing a custom reception desk signage wall. Yes, there are lots of plans.

Acoustical ceiling tile


The third project was my favorite. It consisted of selecting finishes such as paint and flooring, creating a finish plan with schedule, designing floor patterns, creating an artwork package and artwork plan, and, MY FAVORITE, making boards.

Break room, conference room, logo, artwork, and lighting

Waiting room and lawyer's offices

Materials folder

Carpet tile

So far, I've made A's on both 1 and 2. 3 is due today, hence why I don't have the rest of my things printed. I'm hoping that I can knock out the presentation with ease on Tuesday of next week. I'm excited and proud of my work. I have concluded Commercial design is not for me. Maybe because this project wasn't as fun, in my opinion. We are going to attack a health care project in Commercial II. Hopefully, I'll like it more. As of now, it's Residential for me!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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