Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friends Frame

I am all about a good clearance section in a store; most of the time it's where I go first! Today, I went to Michael's to get alpha stickers and ended up with everything but alpha stickers. They had an amazing sale outside their doors with items 50% to 80% off. I just couldn't keep walking. I had my arms full before I ever entered the store!

I found some little wooden phrases that where covered in fabric. I didn't know what exactly I was planning on doing with them but I just thought, "Hey, they're 20 cents." I found some other random things like a wooden picture frame, silk raggy flowers, some jewels, and other stuff mostly all for under $1. I couldn't wait to get home and make something!

I decided to paint the frame a soft khaki color just so it didn't look unfinished.

I used the "Friends" phrase I bought on this one. I added the phrase, the peach raggy flower, a butterfly sticker, and some jewels. I'd have to say it pretty adorable!

The phrase apears to be covered in a denim type material so it added some nice texture to the frame. Even though it sticks off the frame a little, it still looked good. I just glued this on with Tacky Glue. Takes a little bit to dry, but it is very durable.

The butterfly sticker is by K&Company and the jewels by Stampalicious.

The peach flower was one of two just on a cardboard piece. It had an adhesive sticker on the back to I just stuck that on.

The wooden frame came with a piece of cardboard in it already but after I painted the frame it was a little messy. So I took that out and traced it onto another piece of cardboard. I cut out a piece of transparency film to give it a finished look like a real picture frame. I'm in love with it. I am using it as my own decoration until it sells. You can purchase it on my Etsy page for $15.00.

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