Friday, January 6, 2012

Candy Bouquet

I am all for cheap flower arrangement ideas. This one came from here, the lovely Martha Stewart. There are lots of other fantastically easy crafts on that page as well, but this one really stood out. I attempted it and here's what I got:

First off, this vase was a thrift store find for $5 that I fell in love with. It's a little large but the shape of it was just lovely. It's a vase that I can use for any occasion all year round.

Secondly, let me be honest. I'm not a flower person. I prefer simple arrangements with simple flowers like daisies or tulips. These silk roses were on hand at home so I used them. I am planning on buying real roses a week before Valentine's Day because who doesn't like fresh roses? It makes you feel romantic. Hopefully, the boyfriend will give me some. ;) They'll die super fast without the water so silk was the best option for now. But overall, I like it! It was so simple and SO cheap. Maybe less than $10 for the whole thing? That's an easy bargain and it's definetely an eye catcher when you walk in the room! Yay for easy!

Thanks for reading!

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