Sunday, February 5, 2012

Country Chic

I've been in the country mood lately getting ready for the concert on Friday and I've been seeing so many beautiful spaces done in a rustic country style. I've always been a fan of wood in it's most pure natural state, unstained and left untouched. I even like to see nips and scratches because it adds a child-like character to the piece. Natural floors, kitchen islands, and even pallet coffee tables are a must have in my future home. I've put together some great reasons why everyone loves the rustication of natural wood.

Green, please! A green product is something that betters the environment and doesn't harm it in the making of the product. Natural wood comes straight from the tree to your table. This means there's no off-gasing from staining the wood. That's always nice.

It's something that will always look good in whatever space you put it in. Natural wood is something that will always goes with whatever decorating style you're into at the time. If you're like me, I love to change up my room every so often. So having large pieces, "fixed furniture," in your home that are easy to decorate around is a plus. Leave your personal "style" to the accents like pillows, artwork, and flower arrangements. Take this breakfast table for example, no matter what chairs you put around this table, it will always food fabulous. And if you're a family person, this table is great for family activities and homework time. The shutters in the first photo are stunning. The rocker in the second photo may not serve as actual seating but looks great in the seating arrangement. The coffee table and linen cabinet in the second photo look like two pieces granny passed down. Great for any room of the house and can serve as mulitple uses. It's a great mix of old and new. Using old barnwood is both green and a great source for natural wood. This kitchen island is great. If you have a grandpa, like me, who has an old barn wait for that sucker to fall down and go grab all that wood and save it! Do not use it for camp fires.

It brings the outside in. Studies have proven that everyone like to be outside. Nature brings out the best in people; their psychological and behavioral moods are more healthy and reserve when spending time outdoors. Who doesn't need a little extra Vitamin D? That patio in the first photo is stunning. I'd love to wake up and drink my coffee out there every morning. The log furniture is both masculine and cute. If you have a brick wall like in the second photo, don't you dare touch it! It adds so much character in the space. And in the last photo, those natural hardwood floors.... There's just something about their untouched beauty that makes me fall in love with them every time.

I hope next time you see an awesome piece at the thrift store you won't automatically think "Let's paint that turquiose!" But instead you'll think about stripping it down and leaving it to look country chic.

Thanks for reading!

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