Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Blues

I hope everyone had a great day full of love and laughter. I enjoyed my day, some what, spending it with my grandparents and my mother. I woke up feeling extremely ill but I had an exam to take at 10:00 am. I pulled myself out of bed and fought with my sore throat and headache just so I could make it to class. After the exam, I asked to be excused so I could go to the doctor. There, I sat for over an hour waiting to find out what I infection I had. The resident that was examining me decided at the last minute that she wanted to draw some blood. I'd never had this procedure done before, not even for blood drives, so needless to say I was a tad bit nervous. It hurt.. a lot. But it determined that I had walking pneumonia. The doc then proceeded to give me a steroid shot and antibiotic shot in both hips along with take home meds and cough syrup. Can you guess how I spent my day? Sleeping... I'm still a little sore in my arm and hips and my throat hasn't completely healed up yet but I'm hoping to be feeling better by morning. I can't afford to miss anymore school or work so this bug as got to go!

My boyfriend and I opted for spending V-Day this weekend hopefully stuffing our face with Japanese steak and chicken (my favorite!) and exchanging gifts. I can't wait to give him his goodies that have been on my dresser calling my name for about two weeks now!! Valentine's Day is just another day that should really be celebrated every day. You should give your sweetheart gifts and love throughout the whole year, not just on one day! But, it's a great excuse for CHOCOLATE, and I wont pass that up! My daddy surprised my mom and I with both a dozen roses and a big box of candy to "share..." I'm not sure how you're supposed to share chocolate but it was very nice of him!

I'll probably watch a few sappy love stories in and out of sleeping for the rest of the night and eat, eat, eat all my candy and then pass out!

I hope everyone felt loved and apprecaited today because even if you didn't have a date, you are loved so very much by the Greatest love of all - Jesus! He's is truest, most purest form there is! Don't forget that!


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