Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Quarter Brings New Projects

Wow! Where has the time flown! I have been so busy with school recently that I haven't found time to write. I finished up my FIRST Residential project (pictures to come) and I am honestly very proud of myself. The presentation when fairly well; I was the guinea pig. My program director and my professor critiqued me and told me things to change in the future but overall they liked it! I am in Commercial now, thank goodness, and I am finding, by doing little assignments, I like the feel of commercial more. I always thought there weren't enough creativity elements in commercial design but I was wrong. Almost every manufacturer I have researched has unlimited surface finishes and fabrics for their products. The ideas are limitless. I am currently working on a small law firm where I will actually get to design everything down to their logo. I am looking forward to what I can come up with. I've also learned the power of a chair. The more prestigious you are the bigger chair you get!

Check back with me soon on pictures from my residential project and updates on my commercial project! Have a great weekend!

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