Friday, April 20, 2012

The Hills Are Alive

The residential project pictures are finally here! This project consisted of six months of space planning, selecting fabrics and finishes, making four boards, a HUGE binder with all kinds of documents inside, and drawing six different plans and elevations. I had to create a 3D model of my entire floorplan (which was two stories) and create elevations to put inside. Plus, I had to research my dilemma which was an in-home recording studio. Wow! That's a lot! After it was all over, I was super proud of myself. I like how everything turned out and it makes me eager to actually do a real project! Here are the pictures of my boards and model.

Board 1 - The Master Suite

Board 2 - The Teenager's Bedroom and Bathroom

Board 3 - The Kicthen and Family Room (MY FAVORITE)

Board 4 - The Recording Studio
Complete set including boards, model, notebook, and plans.

3D Represenation of the House

The Notebook Including Specifications, Room by Room Anyalsis,
Budget, Inventory, Dilemma, Family Description, etc.

And there you have it! The Christopher Residence! In case you were wondering, I made an A. ;)


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  1. Nice job (as always) Natalie. I really like how you presented the 3D elevations. I haven't seen them done that way before. The recording studio must have been an interesting component to research and design.
    Of course you got an A! Is there any other grade worth getting? ;)