Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To: Window Treatments

Have you ever had a window that is impossible to treat? Or seen a unique window and asked yourself "How would I treat that?" Well, I am not a window professional by all means, but I do know a little something about the right and wrong way to hang curtains.

I am going to explain the different types of window treatments there are and then explain how to properly use them. I hope this helps a few of you that is lost when it comes to windows!

1. Blinds

You've seen them before; the white metal blinds everyone hates. Well, I'm hear to tell you they've improved. That's right! Now, you can buy wooden blinds such as painted wood or bamboo that allow a little light in. They come in thick panels and skinny ones, too. We replaced all of our metal blinds with wooden ones and are so much happier with them. I personally love the painted white wooden blinds, but there are plenty of great applications that natural wood is great.

There is also Roman blinds and they are absolutely beautiful! You see more bamboo than anything else but they come in a variety of materials. Be careful to not confuse the Roman blinds with the Roman shades.

Roman Shades: Fabric or canvas materials are commonly used.

2. Cornices

Cornices are great to make a room appear taller. Most are wood with fabric upholstered on top, but some are left in there natural state. If you use cornices correctly, your space can look very upscale and traditional. Cornices can also be draped to make it look like there's wood behind it. Also, they are great for children's rooms. I like cornices, as some people do not. You must keep in mind the size of pattern you're covering the cornice with. Stick to solids or smaller patterns. You can actually construct your own cornice! They're really not hard at all.

3. Curtains

I love this little diagram of the right and wrong way to hang curtains. The first one is not technically wrong, it just doesn't add any interest. I guarantee you if you came into my house most of my curtains are hung this way. I have box windows above all of my windows and doors so the curtain reaches to the top of the box; much like the second picture. Hanging curtains this way helps make your room appear taller and doesn't allow puddles. A puddle is when your curtains are too long and in 1:10 cases puddling is desirable just be careful!

Here are my two rules for hanging curtains and if you follow these, you'll never be laughed at! :)
  1. The curtains need to match the length of the window. Long windows need long curtains. On the other hand, short windows can have long curtains. See picture above.

  2. YES!!!


    The way I see, would you ever wear your pants like this:

    Didn't think so...

  3. If you have a bay window, there is no need for a curtain on every window. One on either side is perfectly fine.

  4. YES!

    One last thing: A lot of people wonder how to tie back your curtains. See the blue curtains above? They are pulled back at a very high point. Don't ever do that. Towards the middle and down is best.

    YES                                                   NO

    Now, like I said I'm not a window pro so don't take all your window treatments down and replace them. If they work for you and you're happy with them then that is perfectly fine! Every window is different and every space is different. Do what works for your space! On the other hand, DON'T EVER DO THIS!!!!

    Hope this helped!

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