Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baking Cupcakes

Today is a very special day because a little boy who stole my heart the first time I held him is turning one! Wow! A whole year gone in an instant. We must definitely hold on to the little ones as long as we can because they grow up so fast. :(

We are having a little party for him today and it's all about monkeys! Liam is a monkey himself! Mom, Dad, and I made and decorated 48 cupcakes for this little man's party.

Mom got the idea on Pinterest, of course, and we took it upon ourselves to recreate the monkey's faces. I think they turned out well. Oreos for the ears, M&Ms for the eyes, and a little professional icing techniques for the mouth!

I also made Mom a party platter using vinyl letters and my Cricut.

And here is the monkey card I made for the little man.

For his present, I bought him Night, Night Birmingham by Lauren Mills. Even though they live in Prattville, Birmingham is like their second home. It's where both of their grandparents live. I'm sure Matthew, the oldest, will help Brother read it. Can't wait to see him and the other two crazy monkeys! I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!

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