Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Prints

Fall is almost here and with that comes all the new prints from my favorite stores! How beautiful is this new print from Vera Bradley?


 "Sun-filled Provence, France – with its vivid, folkloric beauty – inspires this gypsy-charmed floral delight. Spiced orange, golden saffron and brick red swirl to their own rhythms across an earthy mustard background and over the detailed foulard design inside. Olive green and teal lend their romantic touches."

Can't decide which accessory I need worse - an agenda, a zip ID case, or an umbrella... :/

2013 Student Agenda  
Zip ID Case
I have so many things to keep up with - family events, birthdays, anniversaries, work shifts, and homework so the planner is a must. But since I got my new clutch my wallet doesn't fit in it anymore. The ID case would help with that. BUT since it loves to rain EVERY DAY and I can't seem to find one umbrella, this cute one would never get lost!
How do I decide??

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