Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pudding Can Makeover Part I

Every night my kitchen crew at work makes three pans of yummy, homemade banana pudding. They use three large cans (coffee can size) of vanilla pudding and then toss the cans. WHAT? So tonight I gathered up the cans and washed them out and brought them home. I knew I could use them for something.

So I've been Googling ideas for re-purposing coffee cans or in my case pudding cans and I've gotten a lot of great ideas. Below are my findings.

Fun Uses For Tin Cans

1. Gift Wrap - Instead of using wrapping paper, cover an old metal coffee can with scrap book paper or spray paint it a bright color. Drop your gift down inside, pop the lid on, and you're done! Great for edible and non edible gifts.

2. Flower Arrangement - Copy the instructions for the gift wrapping except keep the lid off and create a beautiful table scape.

3. Holiday Decoration - Paint a coffee can to match a funny character for the holiday. Easter bunny, scarecrow or Frankenstein, or Uncle Ben's hat. Drill a hole in either side and create a basket for goodies.

4. Storage - I love this one. Gather a bunch of cans and nail them to the wall to create a collage. Use for craft storage like pens, scissors, yarn, you name it! Great for office use or organizing a kid's playroom.
5. Caddy-Carry-All - This is so clever. An organizer cover made to fit a coffee can. Great for wedding, college back to school, or camp presents. I found is from Flower Girl Design's Etsy shop. You can purchase one for just $7. I'm sure it's not hard to make either, but I'm not a seamstress.
There are hundreds more ideas for coffee can makeovers on Pinterest and Esty. These are just a few of brilliant ideas. So don't throw away that can! Save it and create something that will make your life either easier or funnier! I have no clue what I'll do with my pudding cans just yet. You'll have to stay tuned for Part II. Have a great week!

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