Thursday, September 20, 2012

Matthew Turns 7!

I got very emotional while writing this only because it's been a bittersweet journey. I was able to pull out old pictures of when my oldest nephew came into my life. Watching him grow has been a pleasure and I can't wait to see what God has in store for that little man. I've compiled many pictures of my nephew has he's grown up. This is his seventh birthday and that, to me, is too hard to believe.
Seven years ago, I was anticipating the arrival of my first nephew/niece - we didn't quite know yet; it was a surprise! I felt honored to becoming an aunt at just thirteen years old and I couldn't wait to have a baby in the family to spoil. I never knew how much of an impact a little boy could do to a girl like me.

Matthew Charles Meadows was born on September 22, 2005 - he was named after his daddy and papa. I wasn't there the day of, but I couldn't wait to hold him. When we finally got to see him in Prattville, I knew I would never forget that day. While holding my new nephew, I remember thinking, "I've never held a baby this tiny!" He captured my heart and I immediately fell in love.

I learned very quickly that this little boy had spunk. He was and still is so charming with his piercing blue eyes and sweet, innocent smile. He was beginning to learn things very quickly in his young age.  I can remember him doing his animal noises and sign language before he could walk or talk!


Of course, he was taught early on who to go for as far as football goes. When you said, "Roll Tide" his tossed his hands up like this.

He developed a personality like no other. He could play by himself and be just fine but he some definitely loved you playing with him. He loved to dress up like certain characters. He would come up to and hug you or kiss you for no reason.


Three short years later, he became the big brother to Mae Garner, and I got a niece! She came into the world on March 30, 2008. Matthew learned quickly to be very protective over his little sis. He adored her and took care of her so well.


His adorable little smile and dimples didn't out grow him. He had the perfect little grin that just melted your heart. As they got bigger, Matthew and Mae Garner did everything together.







Matthew has played many sports including soccer, football, and basketball and did really well at all of them. He also took up paino lessons, swimming, and gymnastics. He is very talented and well-rounded. By the spring of 2011, the Meadows welcomed baby #3 into their bunch! Matthew was thrilled to have a new baby brother. Liam was born April 29, 2011.






He's also become a cousin to sweet baby Evalee Anne who was born February 23, 2012. We already have a huge clan, and I'm not even married yet!

He's such a handsome little man. He's the best big brother and cousin you could ever want. He's so smart and compassionate to everyone he meets. He's brave and strong and has the memory of his papa. I'm so proud of how much he's accomplished. He's a boy that doesn't give up; he tries so hard at everything he does. 
Being the first, there's always going to be a place in my heart for MCM. He's grown so much in the last seven years that I wish he could slow it down a little bit. He's the light of my life. He never ceases to amaze me. He's constantly teaching me about life, instead of the other way around. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child teaches you to be optimistic, caring, loving, and patient. I love this little boy so much. I'm so lucky to be the aunt of such an amazing kid. I can't wait to see the young man he becomes. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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