Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Six Castles You'll Love

I have recently jumped on the Downton Abbey train and I am hooked. I love watching the drama unfold. I started last week and already I'm on season 2. I would love to be a royal for a day. Watching the Ladies get pampered and treated like queens fascinates me.

All this England talk makes me think of castles. How awesome would it be to live in place like Downton? I've done a little searching around and I've found some quite remarkable homes still running in England today.

Blenheim Palace

Castle Howard
North Yorkshire

Hever Castle

Castle Howard
North Yorkshire

Somerleyton Hall
And last but not least, the home of the Crawleys:
Highclere Castle

All of these castles can be read about through Wikipedia. It's so interesting to learn about each one of them and their charm, who owns them, who's next in line as heir, and so forth. I'm really into the British culture right now. I think their way of life is very fascinating from ours. It would be neat to live in England for a year, just to discover that livelihood.
Maybe one day...
If you haven't watched Downton Abbey, I recommend it if you love a little soap opera action! 
You'll definitely fall in love with the characters.

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