Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Color Fad: Chartreuse

My love for chartreuse is nothing new. Chartreuse is known for its dated retro stigma but now it has a new reputation as a classy, happy, and timeless accent color. There's quite a few shades of chartreuse from lime green to Granny Smith apple green but I like to think of this color as Wikipedia would call it: "halfway between green and yellow". I've been a fan of this shade for quite some time now. It's so fun and bright; however, I have yet to design anything around it. When I see spaces like the ones you're about to see, I can't help but to promise myself to use chartreuse in my first home. I could see it now: a small reading nook in a bay window with chartreuse pillows. It'd be my favorite place of the house! One day...



 Whatever shade you choose, you are sure to have a very happy space.
A space that you and your guests will love!

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