Friday, March 8, 2013

First Impressions

One life lesson I learned very young was "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." This has stayed with me with everything I do. Whether I'm looking for a job, meeting someone new, and even more when I am decorating. Your entryway is your home's first impression. It is the first thing your guest see when they walk into your home. I've seen homes that had such a dreary entry that created an awful vibe for the entire home. Your entryway sets the tone for your entire home. It's important to make sure it "wows" from the very beginning. I like a light and airy entryway, but that's just me. No matter what your style, your entry needs to create an inviting atmosphere to you and your guests. What's worse than coming home to a boring home?

From what I've learned, an entry way needs three basic elements: a console table, a mirror, and some sort of decorative something or another. Decorating the table is totally up to your style and personality. I always like to see a variety of small things that create an interesting story. When it comes to arranging items on a table, things look good in threes. 

Here, they have two groups. To the left, they have arranged a lamp, book, and ceramic piece. To the right, they have an old camera, globe, and small dish. There are more examples below.

I love that this homeowner chose to showcase their rainboots. This entry way provides function and storage but in a very classy way. Life happens and I like that you don't have to shun your boots to a closet but instead throw them in a basket under your console. Btw, those are Hunter rainboots and you know how I feel about those!

In contrast, not all entryways have to be this traditional. This homeowner created a built-in unit that provides lots of storage space. She added lots of hooks to hang backpacks and the small bench is perfect for taking off your shoes. For this entry way it works. 

Like the chevron painted walls you saw earlier, adding color as well as pattern is a great way to spruce up your entryway. This is the great space to add an elaborate wallcovering. It is perfect for a larger entryway with tall ceilings. The wallpaper in these entryways add a soft, feminine touch and says, "Come on in!"

Needless to say, an entryway can be a beautiful space. It needs to be a space that reflects you and your style while being functional and practical. Take a look at your entryway. Would you be impressed if you visited for the first time? Would you enjoy being invited into your own home? Maybe it's time to freshen yours up a little bit!

Happy decorating!

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