Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Solo Dinner Night

Italian Baked Chicken mixed with Roasted Red Potatoes and Green Beans

Tonight was one of those nights that I just felt like cooking for myself. Have you ever done that? I sought the infamous Pinterest for something, and this recipe caught my eye. I added my own twist onto things and it turned out great. Thanks to the owner of this blog for the idea.
You will need:
 chicken breasts
fresh vegetable(s) of your choice
4-5 baby red potatoes
half a stick of butter
one pack of Italian dry dressing mix
salt and pepper


Oven temp: 400 degrees

I used a 9x9 Pyrex square dish, but the more chicken you use the bigger the pan will need to be.
I washed the potatoes and cut them into bite size chunks.

 I added a half of bag of SteamFresh green beans.

I cut the half od stick of butter into slices and added them on the top.

I drizzled about a half of the bag of dressing mix onto the top of everything and then covered in foil.

I let it bake for about 30-45 minutes and here's how it turned out.


After thought:

Zucchini or squash would be another great veggie to use. Next time, I need to make sure the potatoes get mixed well because the ones of the top didn't get cooked all the way. :( Maybe I'll try it with Panko bread crumbs for an added crunch.


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