Wednesday, January 30, 2013

10 Timeless Patterns - No. 2

Number 2 | Handsome Herringbone
Don't let this print confuse you with Chevron or Zig-Zag. The difference is the way the lines come together. Herringbone lines do not meet and are slightly off in connection. Here's a close up view.

You can see the black touches the white; that's the difference.

Most people associate herringbone with men's clothing, and while it is wildly attractive, it looks just as good in interiors. It's a classic print that's been around for centuries.

I through in this shirt because I found it on Pinterest and am in love with it! It takes the heavy, masculine feel and adds a soft cashmire and sequin Peter Pan collar. Proven fact that it can look just as good in a girly space too!

Herringbone has made it's mark in the fashion industry; I'm ready to see it more in interiors. I think the custom black or brown herringbone is so traditionally goregous, but seeing the yellow and other fun colors is really exciting. Herringbone hardwood floors are absolutely amazing and the tile insert in the fireplace is such a clever idea. Add a little herringbone into your life!

Still to come - damask and houndstooth. Check back soon!

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