Friday, January 25, 2013

Geese, Firetrucks, and Rap Music

What do they all have in common? They keep me up at night.

Two downsides of living off of a very busy highway (280, for those who are familiar): geese and firetrucks.

I live near quite a few bodies of water and at least twice a day I hear geese honking as they fly over my apartment. It's one of the things I had forgotten about since I moved out of my parent's house. There, I was used to seeing/hearing/feeding them every day. My parents lived by a small lake and they were always in my front yard. Our geese were super domestic so it was fun to mess around with them. But they need to fly during the day when I'm not asleep!

Sirens are the worst, though. A firetruck or ambulance races past my apartment more than four or five times a night. The station is literally five seconds down the street. It's a good and bad thing. Good if I ever need them, annoying when I don't. Hopefully, my ears will get used to them and I won't keep waking up at night. There's a hospital that is relocating out here on 280 and the new building is basically right out my back door. So I better get use to it!

As far as the rap music goes: the people/person that live down and over one from me like to bump their music early in the morning. I'm still wondering whether they like to twerk in the mornings or if they are working out or something. It's still unclear. I'm debating on taking cookies down there and begging that they wait until 10ish in the morning before they start their jam session. We'll see...

So far, I'm loving my new apartment...granted, I haven't paid bills yet. I'm nervous to see them when they come in. I already dread getting the electric bill. The weather here is hot one day and cold the next. I wish I could just keep the temperature on normal for a couple of days!

I hope you have had a successful and fulfilling week. May your weekend be just as great!

See you next week!

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