Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hometown Tragedy

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Another student from Pinson Valley High School left this Earth yesterday too soon. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire city of Pinson as well as the family of this young man. It breaks my heart to know another senior won't walk across that stage in May. I didn't know the kid, but it fact of the matter is is that it just sucks. No parent should have to bury their child, much less one who's whole life is in front of him. I don't know the whole story or what cause the accident but that doesn't matter. Three other students were injured and I hope and pray that they make it out alright. I always see the city of Pinson coming together at a time of need. It makes me feel proud of my hometown and proud of what I was taught the time I was there. All over Facebook, I've seen statues pertaining this incident with stories remembering the kid and it's all so heartbreaking to read. All I have to say to my Pinson family is to be strong. As you go back to school tomorrow, hold your head up high. Never get to old or too "cool" to tell your friends and family you love them. They can be snatched from you in an instant. Your friends are what makes school bearable. Don't ever take them for granted. I've been in the same situation more than once when it comes to losing a close friend and/or classmate. So lift up this kid up; remember the good times; have a moment of silence. I'm proud of you PVHS, for putting aside your own problems to help the ones that are devastated by this tragedy. Only the good die young. God Bless.

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