Thursday, January 31, 2013

10 Timeless Patterns - No. 3

Number 3 | Dazzling Damask
You can't miss this beautiful bold pattern anytime you see it in a space. I personally love this print and have used it many times. Damask has a floral motif that is raised on a neutral background. It's meant to be very ornate and eleborate. The thing about true damask fabric is that the pattern is visable on both sides. Ideally, there are two colors in a piece of damask and the majority of the time they are visial. Sometimes, you'll see damask that is barely visable, like in the second picture of the black bedroom. My favorite application of damask is on the wall. It's a pattern that isn't too busy and it works well with other patterns like stripes. Damask can be used in all applications: walls, flooring, upholstry, window treatments, and decor pieces.

My high school bedroom:
This entire bedding set is for sell if you are interested. Email me for questions.


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