Friday, December 20, 2013

Color Inspiration

1. CW-460 green umber, 2. 434 herb garden, 3. AF-305 ylang ylang, 4. CW-315 cornwallis red
This photo stumbled upon me today and I really feel in love with the color palette. The colors remind me of going home for the holidays, watching Christmas movies with my family, and enjoying time together. It's crazy what certain colors make you feel.
I really wanted to see these colors come to life in a room design, so I quickly gathered some pieces from Google image search. I wish decorating was really this simple.
This would make a great family room or sunroom. It has a very cozy/cottage feel to it, like something you'd see in the mountains. Who knew red and green could actually look good together without being too Christmasy?
Tell me what you think!
Happy Friday!

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