Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Life recently... Thanksgiving and School Projects

Woah... I haven't been on here in some time. I hate that I had to quit my 30 Days of Thankful because I was really wanting to finish it. Simply put, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do extracurricular things. I barely have time to feed myself much less blog. But time is slowing down as of late and I wanted to pick this thing back up.
I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving as did I. I went to bed the night before with serious abdominal pains and hardly got any sleep. The next morning, before we left for Haleyville, I took myself to the doc. I ended up having mild kidney stone(s) and a slight kidney infection. The first one of my family to do so! I got two shots, three antibiotics, and other than being loopy, I was good to go! We made it to my aunt and uncle's house and I ended up having a great time!

Still a little droopy from the pain meds.... Sis is enjoying a delicious cupcake!
I took advantage of the opportunity that Jimmy and I were together and dressed nicely. We got to take some pretty fabulous pictures thanks to my wonderful photographer, Stefanie. We walked around the farm, as I call it, and got some good ones. Here are a few of my favorites.

I love photos captured during the moment. This last picture cracks me up. Typical facial expressions.
I snatched a few of my sister and my adorable niece as well.

This last one is precious.
The day was absolutely perfect.
After family festivities were over, it was time to crack down on my senior project. I finished everything in a timely manner and turned in just last week. Here are a few shots of my boards.

After I present them this week, I'll take better photos of each one for my portfolio. I'm proud of this project and feel as though it's a real place that I have designed.
Another project I just recently finished, was my furniture construction chair project. I originally found this old, antique chair but realized it was too big and I had no where to put it. So I found this Duncan Phyfe bench my mother had when she was my age that came from her grandmother's house. In a nutshell, it's got some history.

It just needed some love... So I broke it down, added padding to make the seat a little bouncier, painting it white, distressed it, and recovered the seat. I also added some brass nailhead trim. I'm pretty excited about how it turned out. And it was my first take on recovering/staining/finishing furniture!

It looks great in my room!
And last but not least, my amazing and wonderful boyfriend said farewell to his Presidency Saturday night. It was semi-formal as well as his last night to be the President of Theta Chi. We walked around, shook some hands, caught up with some of his brothers, and called it a night. I am super proud of his accomplishments this past year and the group of guys he mentored and lead. He's met a lot of people and gotten to do some great things for the school and the community. I'm eager to see where life takes him next and the new and exciting things he's going to do.
All in all, I'm proud to stand next to him on this journey called life.
And that just about catches you up. I'm just about finished with my second to last quarter and then it's Christmas break! I definitely need to get through with my Christmas shopping/wrapping. Mila is being a great helper!
I hope everyone has a great week! Wish me luck as I give one of the most important presentations of my school career on Thursday night. I would get drawn to go first, but at least I'll get it out of the way!
Talk to you soon.

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