Monday, July 30, 2012

Turq and Red

About a year ago I was Facebook stalking and I came across a wedding that used the colors of turquoise and red. It was strange to me and I thought, at first, it wasn't that cute. But the more I see this awkward color combo the more I've found that I love it. It's a bright, unexpected pop of color that really works well for a room, an outfit, or a party! It is timeless and great for every season. Check out the few pictures below that I love:

This outfit would be great for a day at the office!

Love her lace blouse.

This beats the cliche navy and red nautical theme. Love the coral!

This circus theme party invitation is too cute.

A retro red and turq kitchen. I love the b&w striped rug for added interest!

A pop of red, PERFECT!
I could see this as a cute Christmas theme too ;)

Cute wedding theme. Love the ladies.

Do you love it??

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