Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where has the time gone??

I am getting ready to move into my FIRST EVER APARTMENT with a good friend of mine. We'll be moving out in a week. Packing as come to be my least favorite thing in the world to do. I wish I knew more on the amount of space I'll have but I won't know exact until the day we move in. So far I've shrunk my closet down to half its size and boxed up two tubs of winter clothes and one for Goodwill. I managed to narrow down my shoe collection into a small under-the-bed tub as well as my T-shirt addiction. I have far too many clothes.

I'm worried I won't have enough space so I'm learning to be an organizer. I'm taking full advantage of my queen size bed. I purchased an awesome two foot long tub with rollers and and lid than can be opened on either end. I will definitely be getting another for shorts and other things. I'm hoping I can make do with my closet space by adding more shelving. It's hard to downsize when you're used to three closets and two dressers. I honestly have no clue how it's going to work.

I'm excited about the decorating aspect, obviously. Haley and I have both put our own design schemes together and came up with a bright eclectic style. We have lots of colorful artwork and accents that will help liven up our space. And LOTS of pillows! I purchased three pieces from the thrift store in order to refurbish. One being a small nightstand, a coffee table, and an old brass lamp. The night stand was an ugly white with gold painted trim and what the previous owner called "Shabby Chic." Definitely not. I repainted it a bright turquoise and it looks fabulous! The coffee table is really neat. It's a retro piece, with two shelves on either end. I will painting is a chartreuse green. The lamp is by far my proudest achievement. With some help from my mother, I recovered an old white lamp shade in some material (not easy) and spray painted the brass base turquoise. I'm so excited at how it turned out!

The Old "Shabby Chic" Nightstand Before

The New Chic Nightstand After

The Old Brass Lamp Before

The New Brass Lamp After

I also inherited my grandmother's table and chairs, but the previous seat cushions didn't really fit my taste. So I got some think upholstery fabric and my mom recovered them for me! With the leftover fabric, she also made me a table runner! Can't wait to eat at my new table!

The Not-So-Pretty Seats Before

The Super Pretty Seats After

There are quite of few new things I've purchased for the place. Such as a toaster oven, some artwork, a whole new bath set, pillows, an adorable metal fork and spoon, cutlery set, pillows, a rug, kitchen stuff, and more pillows. BTW, the Alabama stuff is not mine. YUCK!

And that about sums up what I've been doing for the past couple weeks. There's more to come! Will show pictures soon. Wish me luck on the move!

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