Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2013 Is So Close!

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is 7 days away and then the 2013 will be here. That is, if the Mayans are right. ;) Anyway, I want ring in this new year in a fun fashion with a date with the lover boy. I'm sure we'll be attending a party somewhere with all the frat guys but hopefully we can have a little time to ourselves.

So whether you are hanging out with friends, family, or your significant other, there's no reason why you can't have a great night without spending a ton of money. Nobody has any money left over from Christmas anyway!

A couple of budget-friendly ideas to do on New Year's night are:

1. Dinner and a movie - it's cliche but always an all-time favorite. Rent a movie with RedBox and cook up a delicious crock pot meal. You can do better than Hungry Man. Get online and find that perfect meal. Pinterest is great when it comes to recipes! Tune in to your news station and watch the New York ball drop. Remember it's at 11 pm our time! Estimated cost: $10-15

2. Have a fondue party - How fun does this sound? Ring in the new year with fondue and strawberries. There's a ton of other great snacks that go great with chocolate such as marshmallows, pretzels, apples, bananas, or crackers. Allow people to bring their own fondue recipe and have a taste testing contest! Estimated cost: $20

3. Take a trip down memory lane - I always love reminiscing on the past year's embarrassing moments. Play the "Who Did It?" Game. Before your guests arrive, come up with a good list of some great moments that happened this past year. A few starters are: who got a terrible tattoo, who joined the military, who got drunk and fell down the stairs of the frat house, who made out with who totally wasted, you get the idea. Make index cards with the answers on the back and allow everyone to guess "Who Did It?" You could also turn this into a Bingo game. Estimated cost: $5 and under

4. Go bowling - Most bowling alleys are open late on the 31st so grab some peeps and show off your skills! Super cheap and hilarious to watch! Estimated cost: $10

5. Watch fireworks - Whether you're at home or out and about on New Year's Eve, don't forget to stop and see some fireworks. If you're planning on lighting a few yourself that's cool, I for one, don't do fire. I will be watching from far, far away. It's always fun to go out to where your city launches fireworks and watch those. Here in Birmingham, they shoot off of Red Mountain over Vulcan. A great place to sit and watch is on Main Street in Homewood. They close it off, so you can bring a blanket and relax. Some of the restaurants stay open too! Estimated cost: FREE (unless you're purchasing fireworks)

And don't forget about your dress! Forever 21 has a great selection of dresses.


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