Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Best Christmas Vase Fillers

I have a thing for vases of all sizes. I have collected about twelve since I moved into this apartment. I think I'm more obsessed with vase fillers. There are so many unique ways to fill a vase instead of using those Dollar Store pebbles. Although, those are pretty. This Christmas, I had a blast finding things to use my vases and I've even found a lot more cute ideas on the one and only Pinterest! Thing of your ideas as you scroll through mine and then share them with us!

Cranberries - Real, whole cranberries smell great and look amazing in a vase. I tried to eat one and wasn't too impressed. They've lasted about three weeks now without rotting so this might be my new favorite.

Ornaments and Bells - I actually did find these gold bells at the Dollar Store. The ornaments came from a bigger container of balls that are on our tree. I thought the glimmer looked good when it hits the light a certain way!

Candy Canes - A love the way they look in this small square vase. So simple yet so elegant.

Hershey's Kisses - I stop by a grab a few almost every time I walk to the kitchen. The colors add a special but sweet touch to my Christmas decor!

Throw away the pebbles and stop by a grocery store or a hobby store and find a new filler for your vase! I love to find new things that make my next vase pop!

Check out these other awesome ideas I found online!

I love the pine cone treatment with the fake snow. Definitely going to go hunting for small enough pine cones to use for my next vase!
And if you have a newborn baby, they also make great vase fillers! :)

Happy Decorating!

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