Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Decorating on a Dime

A lot of us do not have a lot of cash lying around to revamp our space. There are a few of foolproof ways that you can do to reinvent your home's d├ęcor without spending a lot of money. Before you get too discouraged, read this list of easy, peasy decorating tips.
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  1. Fill your space - A cheap trick for decorating a wall space above a couch: Add a grid of clean, white frames displaying black-and-white photos.
  2. Hang a shelf - Make a narrow room appear wider with a long, sleek shelf that doubles as a mantel.
  3. Toss a pillow -  Colorful accent pillows revamp a sofa without forcing you to spend a fortune.
  4. Add a rug -  Use a large sisal rug to ground a space. Want glam? Top it with a second rug: a fur rug.
  5. Bring in bling - Mirrored furniture is a clever way to reflect surrounding colors and patterns, says designer Jonathan Adler in his new book, Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors.

  6. Reflect on this - Designer, Bunny Williams says, "Place several mirrors in a dark hallway to open up the space and reflect light."
  7. Shop wisely -  Spend money on your furnishings and fabrics, but accessorize with discount finds for a high-end look that’s affordable.
  8. Be unexpected - Paint the interior of a closet an exciting color for a nice surprise when you hang up coats. But keep your closet clutter-free so you can see the pop of color!
  9. Create an accent wall - Spruce up your bedroom by painting bold, clean stripes on one wall.
  10. Make a two-second upgrade - For a breezy, whimsical look, drape a vintage scarf over your headboard.

  11. Fix your kitchen - Add personality with a backsplash for a big impact at a low cost. The square-footage need is surprisingly low!
  12. Plan for storage - Figure out what kind of storage you need, and then plan for 30 percent more so that it’s easy to stay organized over time.
  13. Plan for paint - The walls and trim set the tone of a room, so give them a fresh coat of paint. I love painting the doors black and the trim white and if replacing your cabinets is not in your budget, paint ’em!
  14. Amp up lighting - Good lighting is key to making any room welcoming and functional. Upgrade your light fixtures with a mix of finishes, like oil-rubbed bronze fixtures paired with polished nickel or antique brass hardware. Check out this tutorial here.
  15. Punch It Up With Pink - It’s a shockingly elegant accent. If pink’s too feminine, try a rainbow of colors to punch up your home.

  16. Go for DIY Slipcovers - Home Depot drop cloths make great upholstery and slip covers. They look like old homespun linen, but cost a fraction of the price.
  17. Fake Architecture - Instead of painting walls one flat hue, just paint the bottom one shade and the top another! A chair-rail-like line emerges.
  18. Create Ambience - Put votives in old jam jars when dining alfresco to create a casual, romantic mood.
  19. Go for a Bohemian Bedroom - Your bedroom doesn’t need to be matchy-matchy. You can give it a fresh look by changing out your linens and mixing them up.
  20. Add a Pop of Color - Brighten any office space by painting a lamp a bright color.

  21. Mix Materials - Modernize a traditional interior by introducing an acrylic table or modern side tables in chrome.
  22. Play With the Fifth Wall - Decorative ceiling tiles can add texture and a polished look to your room.
  23. Define Your Focus - When considering a makeover, always remember that a successful room needs an object of focus. A piece of art, something inherited like a piece of furniture, or even a found object.
  24. Create Rooms to Live In - “Life is messy,” says Annie Selke, author of Fresh American Spaces. “Choose fabrics (and slipcovers) with real life in mind so you can laugh (not cry) when red wine spills or the dog jumps on the sofa.”
  25. Accessorize in Color - Update your bathroom without major renovations using new, colorful towels, curtains and bathroom ensembles.

  26. Use This Curtain Trick - If you would like the illusion of higher ceilings, mount your curtain bracket close to the ceiling.
  27. Choose a True Blue - You can never go wrong with blue and white.
  28. Get Floored - When wood floors are not in the best condition, painting or staining them can make them come alive.
  29. Try a New Finish - Don't think paint jobs have to be a standard solid color. Pattern and finish can make all the difference in the world.
  30. Declutter Your Coffee Table - Are oversize books taking over your coffee table? Stack similar-colored ones several feet high so that they become the table.
  31. Upgrade a Side Table - Entertaining at home? Don’t add more furniture to your room. Simply make your existing pieces do double duty. Your side table can become an instant bar station! Place an ice bucket, 8 to 10 elegant glasses and some mixers on a butler tray for a quick and easy cocktail party tray.
  32. Make Storage Pretty - Update and organize your home office with DIY storage boxes. Take plain white storage boxes and customize them with painted stripes, wallpaper or washi tape.
  33. Reupholster Small Pieces - Instead of buying new pieces, reupholster an old bench or chair for an updated, inexpensive look.
  34. Be Bold in Small Doses - Feature a fun new splash of color without major commitment by painting smaller items like a mailbox, an old rocking chair or even a small room you don't use often, like the guest bath or a front closet.
  35. Don’t Be Dull - I love to use high-gloss paint on a dining room ceiling. It adds a wonderful dose of understated elegance and really makes a room sparkle for evening entertaining.
  36. Accent With Paper - Wallpaper does not have to just be for your walls. Paper the ceiling of a room for a surprise burst of pattern or color! Get more wallpaper ideas here.

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