Sunday, November 10, 2013

30 Days of Thankful - Day 10

Today I am thankful for my health. Thankfully, I have never been hospitalized, broken a bone, had any kind of surgery, or ever been diagnosed with a disease or disorder, despite what my friends might think... hehe. On top of that, I have a pretty good immune system; I hardly ever get sick!

I am thankful for my metabolism and my good heart. I recently started exercising again and I have challenged myself beyond what I imagined. I am trying to eat healthier, work out a little more, and spend more time outside. With my crazy schedule, it's going to be hard but I understand the importance of doing it now rather than later. When I'm forty-something, I'll thank my twenty-something self for taking the extra effort to preserve my body and inhale nutrients that are better for my body instead of devouring greasy, fried foods in hopes that my metabolism will kick in. I am going to start drinking more water and less sodas. I'm going to start running with my puppy because not only is it good for me, she LOVES it! I'm going to start eating more fruits and veggies instead of sweets and candy. I'm going to start today, because I might not have tomorrow. With the rate that America's going, we're all going down. The time is NOW!

Plus, I have new running shoes under the Christmas tree and who doesn't love a new pair of shoes?

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