Thursday, November 22, 2012

22 Thankful Days - #21

I am thankful for bumps.

Not the annoying bumps on your face, but bumps that happen in life. Things that might not go exactly how you plan them to. Things that happen for no reason. Things that force you stop and figure out what you're doing in life. Those kind of bumps. Bumps are good. They allow you to open up and see yourself for who you really are. They allow you to think outside of the box and reconsider things. Sometimes bumps happen to people you love that you have no control over. Those are the sucky bumps, but they still guide you through life. They teach you thinks you thought you'd never need to know. How to be strong and confident. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for the bumps in your life that have led you to who you are today. When you sit down to eat dinner/lunch with your family, remember it's the bumps that got you here. The forks in the road that forced you make a life changing decision. The people or things you had to give up in order for you to succeed. Whether that decision was good or bad, you made it. You went with your heart and you did what you had to do. Life isn't always about the happy times but about the bumps that led you to that happiness. Instead of walking over the bump, jump with joy! Don't bust your tires out though. Life goes on, and the world doesn't stop turning just because you have a bad day. God is good. God gives you bumps in life to challenge you and see what your heart is about. When I see a speed bump, I stop and say, "Thank you, God." 

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