Tuesday, November 6, 2012

22 Thankful Days - #6

I am thankful for my two sisters & their families.

Without these two women, I wouldn't be the aunt that I love to be. Not only have they given this family four precious children to adore and spoil, they've both given me some sort of advice down the road that's been beneficial to who I am today. I thank both of them for just being there, for answering the phone when I call and listening to my problems and praises. I had a different childhood growing up because my sisters were so much older than me. They became motherly-like the older I got. I became to respect them and cherish them in a way that most siblings don't do. I wasn't near as close to them when I was younger than I am now. I guess it's because I've grown up and I we don't fight like cats and dogs. I've watched them become so successful and that makes me strive to have a life like that. They've both accepted me as a little sister and supported me throughout all my decisions in life. I thank both of you for trusting me with your children and allowing me to be a huge part of their lives. I know it doesn't say much, but thank you for living so close! At any given moment I could pack up and come see you in less than an hour and I'm blessed for that. The father's of these children are just as important. You've became a part of this family knowing that we were all nuts! :) You've both made so many sacrifices to get where you are today and I thank you for doing what you have to do for your family. You two are like the brothers I never had. Both families are amazing and I thank you all for being a part of this family. We've been through some rough patches in the last few years but we've made it and we didn't leave one another. I am so thankful that we all get along (for the most part) and we all can share the joys of life together. To my sisters, thank you for everything. I know I could count on you both for anything!

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