Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Halloween In Pictures

I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. I hope you got some delicious candy and got to dress up as your favorite characters. This Halloween was on a random day of the week so I got together with my friends this past weekend. As you can remember from my post, I was a zebra. Here's my costume:

 I know, I'm adorable. ;) Here's the rest of the girls that I went with. Excuse the terrible quality.

We had a great time! Tonight was fun as well. Instead of trick or treating, I went to my parent's house to hang out and see my niece. I decided that since I had bought candy for my neighbors, I'd leave it out for them. I was nervous that the first kid would just dump the bucket into his bag or just take the whole thing, but when I got home the bucket was still there and it was almost empty! Here's my cute bucket.

I'ts just a clear craft paint bucket from Michael's. It comes in handy for everything! On the way over to my mom's, I stopped by Target. That was probably a bad idea because I ended buying these two dresses.
Which I love!!! The one on the left is a black and ivory sweater dress and the right is a navy and khaki polka-dot chiffon dress with an accordion skirt. Love. Love. Love. Plus Target's prices are amazing. I got both of these for $20!
When you've had a crazy week like I've had, it's good to get a little joy put back in your life. And that's just what this beautiful little girl can do.
She's so happy all the time. She let's me forget about all the stressful daily situations for a little while and just have some fun. Her festive Halloween shirt said "I love mummy." She's so smart and learning things so quickly. She's starting to stand up by herself so hopefully in a couple of months she'll be walking on her own! Ahhhhhh I just love her little smile!!!!
The night ended with a delicious steak, potatoes, and steamed veggies from Outback Steakhouse. Yum yum! I hope you had a great night! I'm going to go sleep in my new flannel sheets that I also got today. So warm and cozy. Goodnight all.
Be well,

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